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The natural healing power of the trees

As a master of the ancient indigenous science of nature, Heiko Gärtner shows you a practical and easy to follow training program of the medicine men, through which you can train your healing, but also supernatural abilities with the healing power of the trees.
Included in the training program of the natural healer:

  • How can I become a native in nature?
  • How can I become an invisible hunter?
  • How can I sharpen my physical senses?
  • How can I reactivate my media senses?
  • How can I strip my body of suffering?
  • How can I break out of the fear hell?
  • How can I immerse myself in bliss?
  • How can I recognize who I really am?
  • How can I remember the life plan?
  • How can I immerse myself from orgasm into ecstasy?
  • How can I achieve perfect health?
  • How can I perceive energies or energy blockages?
  • How can I communicate with beings of light?
  • How can I connect to the allergy?
  • How can I find peace in every breath?
  • How can I recognize the web of the illusion of fear?
  • How can I learn the language of the disease?
  • How can I heal by laying on of hands?
  • How can I learn the magic of wish fulfillment?
  • The healing secrets and wisdom of primitive peoples will interest every healer in this compact form.

Health is a gift. The best part is that you can make this gift yourself.

The natural healing power of trees (ISBN 978-386882699) mvg-Verlag

The cause of so much pain and illness lies in the nonconnectedness with our bodies, hearts, families, our food and the sense of belonging. Natural peoples around the world have always known that healing comes from community. By community is meant a wonderful, complex, living system in which humans are a small part of the whole. Healing happens when we can (re) connect with nature, family, spirit, our own self. Strong relationships give us the resources and medicine we need in these turbulent times. We are part of nature. Nature can heal us when we connect with it. And nature can heal through us. It’s time to wake up and reconnect with the nature community
(Darrel Combs, medicine man from Oklahoma)

For thousands of years, forests have been a natural habitat and source of great energy for humans. By living in civilization, however, they have now become foreign to us. But they still have versatile and fascinating powers that people can use. In this innovative guidebook, Heiko Gärtner and Tobias Krüger teach techniques that enable the reader to harness the power and energy of trees for self-healing. This book is a guide to how to re-accept nature as a mentor, teacher, and healer, and so re-understand the principle of health, illness, and healing. It includes practical exercises to train your perception and ability to immerse yourself in the spiritual world of the trees, as well as instructions for meditationen, hypnosis and trance journeys to get into close contact with nature. Likewise, the individual healing powers of the individual trees are explained.

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Die natürliche Heilkraft der Bäume
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Die natürliche Heilkraft der Bäume
Wie unsere Selbstheilungskräfte gefördert werden und wir zu ganzheitlicher Gesundheit gelangen. Geschrieben von Heiko Gärtner und Tobias Krüger.


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