Das Medizinrad der Indianer – Aufbau und Bedeutung

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Das Medizinrad der Indianer – Aufbau und Bedeutung

What is on shamanic Medicine Wheel?

In almost all primitive peoples, there is the image of a so-called „medicine wheel“. It is a kind of symbol that embodies the unity and the course of things and the eternal flow of change. As the sun makes its way across the sky, it is all in an eternal river made up of repetitive cycles. But it is also a powerful and powerful tool used for healings, rituals, and developmental steps that helps in communicating with other worlds, or world levels, and by providing assistance in answering questions and solving problems.

There are countless variants of medicine wheels. Often they are made of stones or other natural materials.

Es gibt unzählige Varianten von Medizinrädern. Häufig werden sie aus Steinen oder anderen Naturmaterialien gelegt.

Anders als in den meisten Naturvölkern stellen wir uns in unserer Kultur den Lauf der Dinge als etwas Lineares vor. Zeit ist für uns ein Strahl, der irgendwo in der unendlichen Vergangenheit anfängt und irgendwo in die unendliche Zukunft führt. Davon ausgehend glauben wir auch, dass Wachstum etwas Lineares ist. Wir fangen klein an und werden immer größer und größer, bis in die Unendlichkeit. Und genau dieses Verhalten erwarten wir auch von uns selbst und von allem, was wir erschaffen. Eine neu gegründete Firma muss ihr Kapital steigern, zu einem bedeutenden Wirtschaftsunternehmen und dann zu einem Global-Player werden und jedes Jahr mehr Gewinne abwerfen. Unser Wirtschaftssystem muss sich als ganzes immer weiter steigern und immer stärker wachsen, bis in die Unendlichkeit. Und auch von uns selbst verlangen wir, dass wir uns stetig verbessern und immer neue Schritte nach vorne machen. Aber ist es wirklich so einfach?

Die Natur: Mehr Zyklen und weniger Strahlen…

Nature in the changing seasons

Das Medizinrad symbolisiert den Kreislauf der Natur Designed by Freepik

Wenn wir die Natur beobachten, dann stellen wir fest, dass jede Entwicklung und jeder Erwachensprozess in Form von Zyklen verläuft. Jeder Monat durchlebt der Mond einen Zyklus, in dem er sich einmal im Kreis um die Erde bewegt und so vom Neumond zum Vollmond und wiede zum Neumond wird. Jedes Jahr ist ein Kreislauf der Jahreszeiten, in denen sich immer wieder die gleichen Zyklen wiederholen. Jeder Baum lässt im Frühling neue Knospen sprießen, die im Sommer heranwachsen und im Herbst Früchte ausbilden. Im Winter kommt es dann zu einem Zurückziehen der Lebensenergie in die Wurzeln, so dass der Baum im Frühjahr zu neuem Leben erwachen kann. Mit jedem Jahr wächst der Baum heran und durchlebt so seinen eigenen Lebensfrühling, seinen Lebenssommer und seinen Lebensherbst, bis er schließlich stirbt und einen neuen Zyklus in einer vollkommen neuen Form beginnt. Auf diese Weise vereinen sich viele kleine Kreise zu einem großen, der wieder nur Teil eines noch größeren ist. Alle Wesenheiten auf der Erde durchleben diesen Zyklus, durch den sich die Welt als ganzes stetig weiter entwickeln und immer wieder von neuem wandeln kann.

The symbol of universal unity

Everything is connected

Everything in the universe is one. We are all made of the same basic material, the same energy of life, a Urenergy, which is usually described as unconditional love, creative power or even God. In many indigenous cultures, the medicine wheel is therefore also a symbol of the connectedness, the unity or the wholeness of the universe. All spokes of the wheel have their own qualities, their own qualities, strengths and answers, just as every being in the universe has its own quality. And yet everything is one. There is only the wheel as a whole and whatever may be in it is just part of a larger unit. It’s a bit like the drops of water in an ocean. The separation between them is purely mental, as all together make the sea and all merge together.

Life is a Dream

Everything is one - separateness is only an illusion

Everything is one – separateness is only an illusion

For example, the Hawaiian shamans, as well as the Aborigines, view life as a dream that is no more real than the dreams we have at night. As long as we dream, we believe that we are separate beings who can be born and die and that we are subject to the passage of time. From the outside, however, we are only parts of an eternal wheel and therefore timeless and immortal. Just like the dreams we have in our sleep that allow us to get to know ourselves better, our „dreams of life“ serve to allow the Urenergy of the Universe to experience itself. Our growth and development processes lead to the expansion of God, that is, love.

The connections of the universe and life

To illustrate these universal contexts of life, the medicine wheel consists of seven, or in some ways eight directions. The first four (East, South, West and North) are an embodiment of the circle of life of birth, growth, death and rebirth. The fifth and sixth directions (above and below) embody the masculine, creative power of the cosmos and the feminine, permissive or receptive power of the earth. The seventh cardinal direction is the direction inward, center, center, heart and unconditional love that makes up everything. And the eighth direction, which in this sense is no longer an actual direction, is the wheel as a whole, symbolizing the unity of the universe.

When one deals with the open mind, heart and mind with the medicine wheel, one can recognize in him all connections of the life and the universe and get the answer to every imaginable question.

If you ask the medicine wheel, you can get an answer to every question.

If you ask the medicine wheel, you can get an answer to every question. Designed by Freepik

So the male, cosmic force activates the dream of love extension and the female force of the earth allows the expansion of love to happen through the surrender, the admitting and the knowing that everything will be alright. If we want to be successful in the dream of our lives, we always need the male, activating and the female, allowing part. Each phase of life has its own qualities, its own power and its own medicine. There is a time for everything and every time has its justification, purpose and purpose. There is nothing wrong.

Remember, God stories are infallible because God is infallible.

Any illness, suffering or negative feeling is thus part of our healing or awakening process. Every non-knowledge is a phase of learning that through the resulting vacuum of knowledge magically pulls the realization of awakening into our lives. Ignorance thus creates a hunger for knowledge. Hunger drives us to find the key to understanding so that we know who we really are. The vacuum of ignorance pulls us into the omniscience. When we realize that the inner reflects the outer and vice versa, we also understand that death can not be final, but only part of the dream cycle. Just as sleep is part of our daily cycle, death is part of our cycle of love-expansions. The lifelong dream is to sleep. We experience the dream and work our way to knowledge. If we can not do it in the dream, we wake up through death and realize: „Wow, I am God. Why did I have such a fear of death? „

Like every drop of water in the sea, we're all connected to everyone else.

Like every drop of water in the sea, we’re all connected to everyone else.

People with a near-death experience always describe a warm light to which they have felt magically drawn. They would like to be immersed in this light. It is precisely this experience, the feeling of unconditional love, the uranium energy or the Alight, that we also do when we wake up and realize that we are all that.

The wheel of life and love, in which everything takes place, is the basic building block of the universe. If you understand it, you can learn a lot about life, about the connections between nature and the mirror surface. This is why the medicine wheel is so important in all indigenous cultures, and why it matters so much to us as students of nature.

The seven cardinal directions of the wheel

The course and the different attributes of the medicine wheel differ depending on the culture, but the core essences are always the same. The medicine wheel we describe here comes from various American Indian tribes, and it also contains some elements of Sun Bear and Wabun, as well as the Huichol Indian from Mexico.

The East

The eagle is the power animal of the east in the medicine wheel.

The eagle is the power animal of the east in the medicine wheel.

The beginning of the life cycle is always in the east at the rising sun. Here are the powers and qualities of the morning, spring and new beginning. Since the lifelong dream begins here, the East is in close connection with birth and childhood but also with a new beginning in every form. It is the planning, development and learning phase in which we enter new worlds and get to know them slowly. Here are our thoughts, our ideas and our inspiration as well as our intellectual plane and our intellect at home. Spontaneous flashes of inspiration and enlightenment are also located here. The east is the direction of the wind and the air. It stands for freshness, cleanliness, clarity, clarification and flexibility. Both the East itself and its associated element of the air, the male gender is assigned. Here the male creative power (in most cultures God) activates the life dreams of the God particles, thus the beings in the universe. The power animal, which is firmly connected with the east, is the eagle and in some cultures also the woodpecker. The power color of the East is a bright sun-yellow.

The South

In the medicine wheel, the south is closely linked with de Krafttier Wolf.

In the medicine wheel, the south is closely linked with de Krafttier Wolf.

The next phase is that of the south, noon and summer. In our lives, it is the time of the greatest activity, the time in which we become from the child to the adult, in which we discard all our childish naive acts and in which we independently go our own lives. It is the implementation phase in which we give our ideas a form and a shape, transforming ourselves and our outer world. We become the creator ourselves in this phase. It is the time span in which we will file and test our talents and abilities. The color of the south is a powerful fire red and fittingly, the element associated with this direction is the fire. It is the element of change, power, energy and heat. He is also given a male gender, since we are in the male active phase here. The south is the direction of the emotions and the emotional world, but also of the will, the conviction, the passion and the enthusiasm. The force animals associated with this direction are the wolf and, in some traditions, the puma.

The West

The bear stands as a power animal for vitality, courage and instinct

The bear stands as a power animal for vitality, courage and instinct

The third phase of the medicine wheel is the West. It is the phase of the evening, autumn and older adult life. In this phase, we go from being active to harvesting. The fruits we sown in the spring and cultivated in the summer have now matured and we can absorb them. This applies both in a direct and a figurative sense, because autumn is the summary phase in which we turn our gaze inwards in order to understand where the paths of our youth and adult life have taken us. The West is the time of listening, letting go, healing, empathy and love. One stops to be active, leans back confidently and lets happen. Therefore, the West is also connected with the feminine, permissive, receiving principle. The West is also the phase of harvesting, dying and transition to the next world. The element connected with the West is the water. According to the understanding of the Indians, water has its own consciousness and in its highest and purest form is nothing but unconditional love. The force animals of the west are the owl and the brown bear. The power color is a deep black.

The North

The North, the fourth phase of the medicine wheel, is the phase of the night, the dream, the sleep, the winter and the hereafter. We now awake from the dream of life and recognize in death who we really are. As a human being, we have the ability to either accept or deny it, so that we can either start a new life cycle freely or take the open issues of the last cycle into the next.

The north is the phase of winter, dream and sleep.

The north is the phase of winter, dream and sleep.

In our lives, the North is the time of knowledge and wisdom. We learn who we really are. It usually comes to the Aha experience, in which you yourself become a mentor and teacher. Because one is now awakened, one can lead others into the light, that is, to enlightenment. The life experience gained over three phases of life can now be shared with others and passed on to the next generation. For this reason, in many native cultures, it is the grandparents, or elders, who care for the education and upbringing of the children.

At the same time, the North is also the world of the ancestors and the dead. Whoever goes through death sees the light of everything and realizes that everything is one. Now you know that as everything, you can communicate with everything because you always talk to yourself. Winter is the time when everything is quiet and quiet. The self-talk is silenced by enlightenment and one enters the sacred stillness. The north is the season closest to the formless being. There are now hardly any outdoor activities, but deep processes of change take place on the spiritual and spiritual levels. In this phase, we visit an otherworldly, disembodied world that prepares us for a new beginning in the East. God welcomes us, show us who we are and send us to love expansion with a new story back to earth. Again, we forget who we are again and this time it is part of our life story that we are very confused and distracted at the beginning, so that we find the path back to the light at a later date. For the longer and more complicated our way to awakening is, the more intense and deeper is the experience that God, or the Urenergy of love makes through us, the greater the developmental success and the stronger the love can expand.

The deer is the power animal of the north.

The deer is the power animal of the north.

Death itself is very similar to sleep. We wake up from the night dream as we awaken from the illosorian dream of life and realize who we really are. Many animals and most plants also retire in winter to a long, deep sleep, from which they come to life again in the spring. In this time of sacred silence, our hearts open and merge with the God consciousness. We ascended to the Father and realized who we are. Therefore, this is also the phase of realization that everything is good. We now know that every killer, rapist, or other creature that once hurt us, just like us, was an angel of love. We now realize that the dream stories of God, that is to say, ourselves, were written purely for the expansion of love, but could never reflect our being. They are just an illusion so that we can expand ourselves. Just as we do not hold a grudge against the killer while reading a good book, but rather look forward to the grandiose knit phrases that the author has created for us, we now realize that everything in life has served a higher purpose and that everything no matter how painful we may have felt at the time, it served to keep the story going.

The element associated with the north is the earth, to which a female force is assigned, just like the water. Only through the feminine power of trust and approval can love expand. The force animals of the north are the deer and the buffalo. He is the messenger of the new life. Its color is a clear, pure white.

The bottom

The lower world is the world of Mother Earth and that of the invisible nature beings.

The lower world is the world of Mother Earth and that of the invisible nature beings.

As already mentioned, in the medicine wheel, unlike in our understanding of cardinal directions, there are not only four but seven different directions. The fifth is the bottom. It is the direction of Mother Earth, home to all invisible forces of nature. Here we find our grounding and our contact to down-to-earthness. But we also find access to our female uranium energy of creation here. The earth is also the womb from which we were born and with which every living being is permanently connected, because it is nourished by it. The feminine power is thus the nourishing force through which a male, activating fantasy idea can become reality. When we dive into the lower world in meditation, Therefore, we can come into direct contact with Mother Earth and with the spirits and guardians of nature. This is where we turn, when we lack security and trust.

The upper world is that of the cosmic forces and the male creative power.

The upper world is that of the cosmic forces and the male creative power.

The top

The opposite direction and thus the sixth direction in the medicine wheel is the above. It is the seat of the primary source, the male, activating creativeness, that is, what we commonly call God. But God is always all that and thus the feminine and masculine allergy. For this reason, the upper world should rather be called the cosmic world. It is the intangible, immaterial world in which all invisible spirits are domiciled. Here we have the connection and contact with Father Universe.

The interior

The look inside - The seventh cardinal direction of the medicine wheel

The look inside – The seventh cardinal direction of the medicine wheel. Designed by Freepik

Die siebte und letzte Himmelsrichtung ist das Innen. Es ist die Richtung unseres eigenen heiligen Herzens des Gottpartikels. Es ist der Funke Gottes. Wenn wir erkennen wer wir sind, ergießt sich die weibliche und männliche Allenergie in unserem Herzenskelch der Bedingungslosen Liebe und wir dehnen uns aus. Im Indischen wird diese Verschmelzung durch die Schlange des Kundalini dargestellt. Durch diesen Vorgang entsteht die Liebesausdehnung. Dies geschieht dann, wenn wir den Lebensfilm durchschaut haben und wissen das alles Liebe ist und wenn wir nichts mehr verurteilen oder bewerten sondern bedingungslos annehmen und lieben. Wir wissen, alles ist gut und alles dient der Liebesausdehnung. Genau hier befindet sich der Sitz unseres höheren Selbst und unserer Seele. Es ist der Ort unserer Intuition und unserer Gottpräsenz. Auch die Gegenwärtigkeit und die vollkommene Aufmerksamkeit im Hier und Jetzt finden wir durch eine Verbindung mit der inneren Herzensrichtung. So wie die vier ersten Himmelsrichtungen den Wandel der Zeit verkörpern, so verkörpert das Innen die vollkommene Zeitlosigkeit, die sogenannte Allgegenwart und die konstante, unsterbliche und unwandelbare Präsenz des Universums. Wenn wir also das Medizinrad verstanden haben und wissen was es damit auf sich hat, tauchen wir ein ins Void, also in die Allliebe, in das Allwissen, in die Allmacht, in das Allbewusstsein und in die Erkenntnis das es weder Tod, Geburt oder das Leben selbst gibt. Es gibt ja schließlich nicht ein mal eine Zeit.

Die Vollkommenheit des Lebens

Alle sieben Richtungen gemeinsam ergeben die Vollkommenheit des Lebens. Alle Qualitäten, alles Wissen, alle Geheimnisse, liegen in ihnen verborgen. Wenn wir das Medizinrad mit seinen unterschiedlichen Aspekten vollkommen begreifen, begreifen wir auch das „Leben“, viel mehr aber noch das formlose Sein. Je mehr wir den Wandel der Bäume, der Tiere, des Wetters, der Steine und unseres eigenen Organismus im Zusammenhang mit den unterschiedlichen Tages-, Jahres- und Lebensphasen beobachten, desto mehr werden wir auch selbst wieder ein Teil des „Lebensrades“, bzw. des Liebesrades des Erwachens. Desto mehr werden wir wieder zu einem Einheimischen in der Natur (Schöpfung) und desto stärker können wir auch wieder in unsere innere Harmonie, unsere Gesundheit und unsere göttliche Kraft gelangen.

Unterschiedliche Darstellungen der Medizinräder

Je nach Tradition wird das Medizinrad auf unterschiedliche Weise dargestellt und oft durch Altäre, Steinkreise oder rituelle Plätze sichtbar gemacht. Auch die Krafttiere unterscheiden sich von Clan zu Clan und teilweise werden beispielsweise der Otter, der Lachs, der Biber oder die Schlange noch mit aufgenommen. Mit ihrer Hilfe kann man sich direkt an einen bestimmten Teil oder eine spezielle Phase des Lebenskreislaufs wenden, sich mit seinen Qualitäten und Kräften in der Meditation verbinden oder ganz gezielt eine wichtige Frage in die betreffende Richtung stellen.

Also Stonehenge was probably a form of the medicine wheel.

Auch Stonehenge war höcht wahrscheinlich eine Form des Medizinrades.

Wenn ihr erfahren wollt, wie ihr ein Medizinrad legen und für eure eigene schamanische Heilarbeit nutzen könnt, findet ihr unter „Medizinrad bauen“ den passenden Artikel dazu.

Das Medizinrad ist lediglich ein Teil aus einem weiten Spektrum an traditionellen indianischen Zeremonien und Methoden um zu heilen und den eigenen Entwicklungsweg voranzutreiben. Für sich alleine ist es bereits ein hilfreiches und kraftvolles Instrument, aber es kann einem nur dann helfen, wenn man es auch in einen größeren Kontext einbetten kann. Es ist wie mit allem. Traumfänger, Horoskope und Mandalas beispielsweise sind ebenfalls machtvolle Instrumente für Heilung, Erwachen und Entwicklung, aber eben nur im richtigen Kontext. Wenn man sie als Souvenir in einem Supermarkt oder einem Museumskiosk kauft, sind sie eben auch nichts weiter als Souvenirs. Erst wenn man die Zusammenhänge versteht, wenn man erkennt, wie die Natur auf einen selbst oder auf bestimmte Situationen reagiert, wenn man ein aufmerksamer Beobachter und Fährtenleser ist und wenn man selbst wieder zu einem Teil der Naturgemeinschaft wird, ist man in der Lage, wirklich in die anderen Welten einzutauchen und das Medizinrad dabei als Schlüssel zu verwenden.

Werde Teil der Naturgemeinschaft – mit unserem Buch

Da es bei uns sehr schwierig ist, einen Mentor zu finden, der einem auf diesem Weg an die Hand nehmen und einen führen kann, haben wir uns ein Konzept überlegt, mit dem man direkt durch die Natur, durch Tiere, Pflanzen, Wälder und Bäume lernen kann, zu seiner eigenen Natur zurückzukehren. Wenn ihr euch auf diesen Weg begeben wollt, möchten wir euch daher unser Buch „Die Natürliche Heilkraft der Bäume“ ans Herz legen. Es beschreibt die ersten Schritte, die ein Kind in einem Naturclan geht, um sich zum Heiler und Medizinmann ausbilden zu lassen. Auf die gleiche Weise können wir, wenn wir uns darauf einlassen, zum Schüler und später zum Einheimischen der Natur werden. So können wir Schritt für Schritt unsere Krankheiten, Blockaden und Ängste ablegen und zu immer mehr Freiheit, Harmonie, Wohlstand und Zufriedenheit gelangen. Weitere Infromationen zum Buch findet ihr hier.

Learn more about medicine wheels and Native American traditions

Although there is a lot of literature on the subject of medicine wheel, it is not easy to find good books here that really describe the old traditions and at the same time go deep, instead of scratching the surface or drawing a fashion picture.


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