Hellwissen - How to activate your inner voice and your intuition

von Heiko Gärtner
03.03.2020 22:52 Uhr

What if we always knew exactly what to do and where our path would take us? So if we could "know" which decisions will get us further and which won't. There are many situations in our lives in which we are completely at a loss and in which we wish for nothing more than an inner voice that tells us what to do. We gladly seek help in oracles, in the Tarot or in our horoscope and often we are disappointed when this does not work. But the good news is that there really is a voice of wisdom within us that we can always fall back on. It is our intuition, our inner voice, our God consciousness, which can also be called "clairvoyance".

In anderen Kulturen ist die Arbeit mit den Hellsinnen etwas vollkommen Normales

In other cultures the work with the clairvoyants is something completely normal.

Unfortunately, we have forgotten how to perceive and listen to this voice. In this article we will show you how you can reactivate and use your clairvoyance to master your life path with determination and success.

Our physical and media senses

Most people of our time and our culture know the usual 5 senses smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch, as well as our sense of balance. These six senses are called physical senses because they are primarily used to perceive the physical world around us. More specifically, they perceive what we think is a physical world. After all, everything is energy and our "physical world" is not really different from what we experience in a dream, for example. What exactly is meant by this can be read in our article about Oneness, because at this point it would lead us away from our actual subject.

Unsere fünf physischen Sinne

Our five physical senses: tasting, feeling, hearing, smelling and seeing.

Does everyone have psychic abilities?

However, if one takes a closer look at human nature and does not allow oneself to be deterred by prejudices from recognizing us in our wholeness, then one realizes that we have at least four more senses, which we usually refer to as medial senses or even "supersenses". The last name, however, is somewhat confusing, as it gives the impression that these senses are something abnormal and supernatural. We put it more into the realm of myths than into a real perceptual capacity. But in fact, you don't need to be a medium, a fortune teller or a seer to use your medial senses.

Jeder hat einen eigenen Zugang zum Hellwissen

Everyone has his own access to clairvoyance.

We are born with them as well as with our senses of sight, hearing and smell. However, just as with the physical senses, we tend to let them wither away more and more as we develop into adults. The world around us has become so noisy, fast, stressful and colourful that we simply have to curb our senses if we want to continue living in it. However, unlike the physical senses, which we can interpret and interpret on the basis of our previous experiences, the media senses are directly connected to our higher self. So they always tell us when we behave according to our heart and therefore also according to our health and when not. Unfortunately, however, we have mostly forgotten how to use these senses and often we do not even know that we possess them.

Viele Shamanen heilen mit hilfe ihrer Intuition

Many shamans heal with the help of their intuition.

Why have we forgotten our ability to know the truth?

The reason why our is clairvoyance is so deeply buried is that we are in situations since our earliest childhood that leave no room for our true being. Expectations are placed on us from all directions and we almost always find ourselves forced to take on some role or other. We play a role in our family system, in school at work, in our circle of friends and in all other social areas.

Burying the clairvoyants

As small children, we therefore have to decide whether we want to remain completely ourselves or whether we prefer to fit into the social roles and give up a part of ourselves. Not submitting could mean being abandoned by our parents. Since we know that we are not viable on our own at this age, we are convinced that this would mean our certain death. However, our whole being is always focused on life and therefore it is in our nature to rather sacrifice a part of us than to die completely.

Als Kind folgen wir meist dem Weg unserer Eltern auch wenn wir uns dadurch enge Grenzen setzen

As a child, we usually follow the path of our parents, even if we set ourselves narrow limits.

acting against oneself

However, this means that we have to violate our heart's voice almost constantly. We are like a tree that has no room to grow and therefore forms a completely crooked and bent trunk to avoid its obstacle. If our clairvoyants were active, they would send out permanent insane signals, which we would have to ignore to stay in the role. Imagine what it would be like if a warning bell would keep ringing in everything you do! You can see for yourself that this can't work out well in the long run.

Oft werden wir aufgrund äußerer Umstände gezwungen unsere Gefühle zu unterdrücken und gegen und zu handeln

Often we are forced by external circumstances to suppress our feelings and act against us.

Ignore the warnings

So there are only two possibilities left: Either you remove the reason for the alarm, so that it can stop again, or you simply kill the alarm. And in most cases we choose the second option. So we decide as small children to reduce our media senses to such an extent that we can hardly perceive them anymore. Later on, we often forget that we have these senses at all and orient ourselves almost exclusively by our physical senses.

Haben wir uns einmal für eine Weltsicht entschieden wollen wir Gegenbeweise nicht mehr sehen

Once we have decided on a world view, we no longer want to see counterevidence.

The four medial senses include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and also clairkness, which is the subject of this article.

What is Hell Knowledge?

Bright knowledge is the fourth of our mental senses and is often called intuition or inspiration. Just like every plant, every animal and every other being in the universe, every human being has an inner voice that connects us with the divine creative power. It is a part of us that is still completely present in the spiritual world or in Nirvana, in Void, in unconditional love, in All Consciousness or in God.

Die eigene Intuition aktivieren

Activating your own intuition is easier than you think.

Life as a dream

To understand this, the world we live in is best imagined as a dream. The "physical" world that we can perceive with our five known senses is what we experience in the dream itself. Depending on how the dream is constructed, we are also able to perceive energies or deeper information that we should not be able to perceive purely because of the dream event. This is comparable to our first three medial senses.

Die Wirklichkeit ist auch nur eine Form des Traumes

Reality is also only a form of dream.

Sometimes, however, we realize in our dreams that we are dreaming. In this case, there is a part of us that is still awake or has returned to it. It now looks at the dream from a higher perspective and recognizes it for what it is, namely as a fantasy structure of our subconscious. In the same way, one can also imagine our clairvoyance. It is the connection to that part of us that is fully aware that this life is nothing but a God fantasy from which we sooner or later awaken again.

Wenn wir einen Traum als Traum erkennen können wir darin machen was immer wir wollen

If we recognize a dream as a dream, we can do whatever we want in it.

In the end, our intuition is a direct connection to God-, resp. all-consciousness and to the omnipresent knowledge. It is our higher self, which knows exactly what to do at all times and tells us this knowledge with the help of our inner voice. Unfortunately, there are two problems in this context. The first problem is that we have forgotten to hear our inner voice, to recognize it and to consciously act upon it. The world around us and also the active thoughts in our head are so loud that the tender little voice of clairvoyance simply disappears without us even noticing that it was there. The second problem is that intuition is not our only "inner voice".

The different voices in our mind

In the article on clairvoyance, we have already explained the difference between the real gut feeling in the form of clairvoyant perception and our fear consciousness. We will now go into this distinction in more detail with regard to intuition. It is important to understand that it is mainly two voices that communicate with us and that they each want to guide us in opposite directions. In order to explain this we have to briefly go into the meaning of life again.

Jeder Mensch hat unterschiedlichste Gedankenstimmen die sich oft widersprechen

Every person has different voices of thought, which often contradict each other.

What is the meaning of life?

After all we have found out by observing the universe on different levels and in different cultures all over the world, it is always the goal of our existence in our life's dream to expand love. What this means and why this is so, you can read in our article "All is One". It is important to understand that the tension that makes our life interesting and varied is caused by the competition of two different powers within us.

Welchen Sinn hat unser Leben

What meaning has our life?

The Higher Self

On the one hand, we have our higher self, that is, our connection to God consciousness, through which we are guided on our path of life. Our higher self always makes sure that we move towards the expansion of love, that is, always act and decide in such a way that we ourselves and all others are better off. We become more awake and clearer, recognize more and more who we are and which task we have in life, and thus create more and more prosperity and satisfaction for ourselves. The voice of this power is our intuition.

It is not part of our physical body and therefore not bound to the usual transmission paths through messenger substances and nerve tracts, which is why we always perceive it first. If we receive an immediate, immediate impulse due to a perception or a situation, then it is our intuition. The fact that it is usually referred to as the inner voice is somewhat confusing at this point, because it is not really a voice that communicates with us in the form of words. It is much more a sudden knowledge, or rather a sudden certainty about something that we should not really have any certainty about.

Unsere innere Stimme leitet uns stets den Weg

Our inner voice always leads the way ...

The voices of confusion

The second power within us can best be described as an adversary or as a confuser. If the task of intuition is to guide us to awakening, that is, to guide us in such a way that we become more and more aware of who we really are, then it is the task of the confuser to prevent exactly this from happening and to hold on as tightly as possible to the dream reality. We perceive this voice in the form of fear, guilt or feelings of shame, but also in the form of the constantly babbling thought loops in our head. It is our ego, our fear mind, which always wants to control and calculate everything and which prevents us from trusting in life and in divine providence.

Doch es gibt auch stets Stimmen der Verwirrung in uns die uns in die Irre führen

... but there are always voices of confusion within us that lead us astray.

As soon as we perceive our intuition as a short, flaring impulse, the voice of our mind immediately sits over it and starts with a series of counter-arguments to convince us that we should not do exactly what our intuition has told us to do. We also often perceive this inner voice in the form of a gut feeling, but always in connection with fear, inhibition, heaviness or a feeling of powerlessness and inability to act. So if we want to clearly recognize our intuition as such, we must learn not only to perceive it, but also to distinguish it from all other impulses. Most important and central to this are the following three non-intuitions that we can encounter:

Our inner confuser

This is our fear mind, which wants to make us act in such a way that we remain trapped in suffering for as long as possible. It advises us against any risk and makes us hide from the challenges of life instead of facing them and growing from them.

Der innere Verwirrer hat viele Gesichter

The inner confuser has many faces.

The External Confuser

We encounter this in the form of the voices, opinions and thoughts of other people, which we have absorbed and internalized. We often act in this way not because we really want to do something, but because we believe we are obliged to do so. We do not want to lose the recognition of our parents, friends, partners, relatives or colleagues. Therefore we act as we believe they would see fit. Often, this brings us into a co-dependence that is not good for either side. In many cases, the other has the same feeling towards us and therefore cannot go his way either.

Viele äußere Einflüsse bringen uns ebenfalls von unserem Weg ab

Many external influences also lead us astray from our path.

Our belly voice

This is our real gut feeling in the form of our clairvoyant sense. The distinction in this area is not so clear and therefore often even more difficult to recognize, since in both cases it is helpful information that can help us on our way. Nevertheless, it is important to be able to distinguish between clairvoyance and clairvoyance knowledge, as both types of information have different sources and reference points. When we feel light, we perceive certain energetic impulses that come from dream reality.

For example, we feel the energy flow of another being, that of the earth, the sun or the universe, but also our own. We can see whether a situation is giving us power or taking power away from us by feeling energy flowing in and out of us. In a sense, our sense of light is very similar to our sense of smell, through which we can sense danger and discover the hidden intentions behind the obvious façade of another.

Auch unsere Bauchstimme kann bereits durch Ängste und äußere Einflüsse manipuliert worden sein

Also our belly voice may already have been manipulated by fears and external influences.

Our intuition, on the other hand, is more like a direction from the realm of the All Consciousness, which tells us a piece of the divine plan and tells us how we can move most quickly towards the expansion of love.

Why should I trust the clairvoyance or my intuition? First of all, we should clarify why we should follow the inner, or God's voice and not the "opponent", i.e. the voice of the mind.

1. The voice of God leads directly to enlightenment, i.e. to paradise, or to the expansion of love. If we follow it, the path can only be paradise. 2. the more we follow the opponent, i.e. the voice of the mind, the more we will experience navigational pressure through illness, suffering and grief.  
Das Hellwissen ist wie eine Herzensverbindung zum Allwissen

Bright knowledge is like a heart connection to omniscience.

How do I recognize what clairvoyance is NOT?

But how do we follow the voice of God? When we are present and conscious, without constantly focusing on the babbling thoughts in our head, the voice is clear and distinct. We understand it without any restrictions, can trust it 100% and follow it in perfect clarity. But our mind, or rather the "opponent", clouds this connection and the more often we ignore our inner voice and act against it, the quieter it becomes over time. Since it is never believed anyway, but only by the risk manager, it becomes almost completely silent. With all the stress, noise, hectic and permanent chaos of thoughts we surround ourselves with, it is almost impossible to even perceive the quiet voice of God.

Welcher Stimme in unserem Inneren können wir vertrauen welcher nicht

Which voice inside us can we trust and which cannot?

Who is our opponent?

So we come into the world and no longer know who we are. The question is now, do we believe the voice of the "opponent", that is the mind, or the voice of God, that is the inner voice. Friction creates heat and expands love in the law of love. So the more the "opponent" leads us astray, the more we expand love when we have arrived at the knowledge of the true being. Since God wants to expand love to the maximum, it is only natural that he sends us the strongest possible "opponent" whom we can just about defeat.


Quite simply, it is the only way to expand love to the maximum. The "opponent" behaves like a predator, which requires our special attention. It is tricky, unscrupulous and completely brutal. In him dwells an aspect that is strongly opposed to transforming growth and positive development. Even more, when we succumb to it, it causes us to perform actions that lead to a partial or total loss of the soul. His inner drive is to lead us on the wrong track. He wants us to distance ourselves from God as far as possible.

Häufig führen gerade schwierige Situationen dazu dass wir unser wahres Potential entdecken

Often difficult situations lead us to discover our true potential.

seduction to misery

He brings us to greed, pushes us into a craving for recognition and challenges us to fight for survival in a fictional world of scarcity. "Never give anything without getting at least something equal in return! Always look to your advantage!" But that's not enough. Every step we have taken towards God consciousness, he wants to destroy it again. Why? Quite simply, God wants love to expand to the maximum and he can only achieve this through this brutal confusion. The predator appears in all kinds of disguises.

Wir entscheiden stets selbst wie schwer wir es uns im Leben machen wollen

We always decide for ourselves how difficult we want to make things in life.

It leads us not to follow the calling, i.e. the healing and love expansion, but as earth destroyers to choose a profession that does not inspire our heart, but is to lower our existential fear. If we are not careful, it chops off completely the cord to basic trust and our own instincts. This unbelievable robber leaves us lying on the ground, despondent and emotionally dead, after we have been distracted. It is like a law of love extension that we all have to lie on the ground like a spiritual corpse at some point in order to feel the strongest urge for freedom and fulfilment in being God. We often ask ourselves: "How could the person I admire and love so much do such a thing?" Here you have the answer:

A) He is our mirror


B) He expands love to the extent that he has experienced "deviant" things.

Alles im Leben ist ein Spiegel

Everything in life is a mirror that helps us in the expansion of love.

Dancing with the opponent

Every living being should learn as early as possible that this enemy exists and how to keep him in check so that he does not become a permanent victim. So we must first learn at the beginning of our life how to focus the perception telescope and to align it with the love extension so that we cannot get lost. But at the beginning we see everything fogged. In nature clans young people therefore always have a mentor at their side who shows them how to align and focus the telescope. Since we in the society unfortunately do not have such mentors any more, we go without knowledge about the "opponent" completely naive and naive into our dream life. Thus we are of course a found prey for him. It is like the wolf mother.

Lernen mit den Ängsten und Widerständen zu tanzen

One must learn to dance with the fears and resistances.

Getting to know your opponent

Your children are only safe when she has taught them all the tricks and tricks to protect themselves from the robbers. Only when we have internalized these hunting secrets, we are safe from the "enemy". Then, when we awaken from our naivety, we transform ourselves. Something completely different emerges. We gain access to the power of God and are no longer the "externally controlled" by the "opponent", but the captain of our lives. This is aggravated by the fact that our society influences its members through a constant propaganda to distrust their basic instincts. Such a manipulation of thought must involuntarily lead to an immense course of events and thus to a multitude of God-conflicts, which consequently attract a huge body of pressure in the form of suffering.

Je mehr wir uns trauen auch die schmerzhaften undschönen Dinge im Leben zu betrachten desto besser lernen wir uns kennen

The more we dare to look at the painful, unpleasant things in life, the better we get to know each other.

Our inner voice, on the other hand, is always focused on leading us to our true self, healing us, strengthening us, harmonizing us and guiding us into a state of bliss.

Our opponents on our path of life

The difficulty, as I said, is that our inner voice of clairvoyance is not the only one who wants to get in touch with us. Our gut feeling is often helpful and can warn us of dangerous situations. When we have discovered the focus point of clairvoyance and recognize so clearly that this gut feeling is a divine input, we can trust it as much as we trust our intuition. But as long as this is not the case, we easily confuse it with a gut rumbling, which is not connected to our higher self, i.e. the omniscience, but to our previous experiences. So it is often the voice of fear within us and if we trust it, it is easy for us to deprive ourselves of valuable and enriching life experiences.

Je mehr wir uns vom Außen beeinflussen lassen desto leichter lassen wir uns verwirren

The more we let ourselves be influenced by the outside, the easier it is to be confused.

The Mind

Our mind in the form of the "enemy" is even further from our divinity. It is made up of all the beliefs and thought patterns that we have experienced and accepted at some point in our lives. Like a little chatterbox, it constantly overwhelms us with thoughts, some of which are completely contradictory. He can be the voice of reason, but also that of our parents, spouses or superiors, that of our own fear, our overconfidence, our greed, our naivety or our ego. Whenever there are complex logical or mathematical problems to be solved, our mind is the first address to turn to, but beyond that, it serves above all to confuse, unsettle and mislead us.

Unser Verstand kann uns ebenso in die Irre leiten wie er uns helfen kann

Our mind can lead us astray as much as it can help us.

The Imagination

Then there is our imagination, with which we can imagine everything, whatever we want. It can be based on experience or facts, but it can also be freely invented. A tiny impulse is enough to build a complete story with the help of our imagination, in which our dreams, wishes and desires have as much room as our fears and our darkest shadows.

Auch Fantasie wird leicht mit Intuition verwechselt

Fantasy is also easily confused with intuition.

The Ego

And finally, of course, there is our ego, which tells us that we are separated from everything that is responsible for our instinct of self-preservation, but which also repeatedly persuades us to act and think in ways that we cannot approve either with our heart or with our mind. So how are we to recognize our intuition among all these voices?

Häufig zeigen wir auch uns selbst nur Masken hinter denen wir unser wahres Sein verstecken

Due to our ego, we often show ourselves only masks, behind which we hide our true being

How do I recognize my intuition or my clairvoyance?

The following points help us to recognize our clairvoyance, that is, our intuition:

Freedom of thought

First of all we have to understand that our inner voice does not work with thoughts, words and sentences like our mind does. So whenever we think something, we can be sure that it is not coming from our intuition. Our inner voice uses images, inspirations, feelings, visions and insights to communicate with us. It is a spontaneous impulse that suddenly lets us know something that we did not know before.

Unsere innere Stimme spricht in Bildern und Gefühle nicht in Worten zu uns

Our inner voice speaks to us in images and feelings, not in words.

First impulse

Our intuition always works faster than our mind and also than our gut feeling. So it is always the first impulse that comes up in us and that appears clear and without any doubt. Ambiguities and doubts only come with our thoughts and fears. They often take only fractions of a second longer than intuition and thus manage to snatch the original clarity from us again immediately. It is not said for nothing that the first idea is usually the best. As soon as we hesitate, we start to think things through. Our intuition is now overlaid by our mind, our ego, our imagination or our fears. Intuition is not stubborn or assertive. It sparks once and tells us what our higher self, i.e. the God Consciousness, has planned for us. Then it leaves the field to our thought voices and thus to the "opponents", or angels, of the love expansion.

Es ist stets der erste Impuls der uns in die richtige Richtung weist

It is always the first impulse that points us in the right direction.

The focus point of intuition

From a neurobiological point of view, the seat of our intuition, i.e. our clairvoyance, is located at the top of our head, where the so-called corpus callossum, a massive nerve bundle that connects both halves of the brain, is located. In order to perceive our intuition more strongly again, it is therefore helpful to focus on this point if one wants to consciously connect with the omniscience. To strengthen the focus point you can also visualize a cord or a funnel that connects the All-Knowledge directly to your head and through which the All-Knowledge flows into you.

Stellt euch vor wie das Allwissen wie durch einen Trichter in den höchsten Punkt eures Kopfes fließt

Imagine how the omniscience flows like through a funnel into the highest point of your head.

Exercise: Creating a feelings diary

To get a feeling for which impulses come from our intuition and which do not, we can observe ourselves closely. Our intuition always tells us which situations are good for us and which are not. So whenever we act on an impulse that makes us feel more fulfilled, connected, healthy and energetic, we can be sure that it came from our inner voice.

Das Schreiben eines Gefühlstagebuchs hilft beim Training der Intuition und der inneren Stimme.

Writing a feeling diary helps to train intuition and the inner voice.

However, if we pursue an idea or thought that puts us in uncomfortable, power-consuming situations, we have acted out of our ego, our mind or our fear. So we have fallen for the "opponent". Even if our thought voices often tell us that we followed our feelings, this had nothing to do with clairvoyance.

Mit Hilfe eines Energietagebuchs könnt ihr erkennen was euch Kraft gibt und was nicht

With the help of an energy diary you can see what gives you power and what does not.

So the crucial questions are:

When do we act according to our heart and when do we act against us so that we enslave ourselves out of existential fear or bend ourselves out of a desire for recognition?

When do we allow energy to be withdrawn and when are we full of inspiration and joy of life and thereby gain new life energy?

Often we already feel before an unpleasant situation that it will not do us good, but due to fear or habit we ignore the impulse. In this case we have felt our intuition, but have not followed it. If we are aware of all these situations, we can learn a lot about our intuition and strengthen our trust in it. At the same time, it becomes easier and easier to eliminate energy thieves and unhealthy life routines and to strengthen the positive routines and relationships in our lives.

Wann handeln wir nach unsrem Herzen Wann lassen wir uns verbiegen

When do we act according to our heart When do we let ourselves be bent?

In order for us to recognize the "opponent" and not to give him a say, it is important that we constantly check ourselves and build a control mechanism into our everyday life. This is exactly what the feeling diary is. In the coming months, write down everything that gives you strength and costs you strength. It is best to make two columns in your notebook and title one with "energy sources" and one with "energy robbers".

Was gibt mir Kraft was raubt mir Energie

What gives me strength what robs me of energy?

Reality check and self-check

In your everyday life, pause again and again and ask yourself the following questions:

What am I doing?

Why am I doing this?

Do I do it with pleasure or because I have the feeling that I have to do it?

Is my heart singing along or do I have to suppress it so that I can do this activity?

Do I feel good?

Do my actions serve the welfare of the world and its inhabitants or do I rather cause damage?

Do I really do it with love?

Does it help me on my path through life or am I just distracting myself from it, so that I am actually on the wrong track?

Ask yourselves, "Are my actions geared towards awakening?"

Haltet immer mal wieder einen Moment inne um herauszufinden was real ist und was nicht

Pause for a moment every now and then to find out what is real and what is not.

Keep a record of experience

Then enter the current situation in the appropriate column and go through everything again every evening. How much of what you do makes your heart dance? Remember that nothing that is done without love and joy can have a positive effect, even if there is a positive intention behind it. When I perform something in non-love, I feed it with negative energy. When I hold it in front of the mirror, an energy withdrawal, i.e. a rejecting energy, must be reflected to me.

Ask yourself what situations you have intuitively felt before that will not feed you. However, do not condemn yourself for ignoring your intuition and following the "confuser" instead, but rejoice that you were able to perceive it at all. Why? It is very simple. Everything that we do not love, that is, reject, we draw into our lives with an even greater magnetic force.

Je genauer man seine Erfahrungen protokolliert desto leichter fällt einem das innere Wachstum The more precisely you record your experiences, the easier your inner growth will be.

Key secret: understanding the universal language

Since the universal language of God speaks in images and symbols, the dispatch of God does not recognize when you do not wish for something. An image of non-being does not exist. This means that if I wish not to be ill or not to be poor, I create images of illness and poverty. In this way I achieve the opposite of what I want to achieve. Because since our most strongly believed thoughts have to come true, this means in reverse that what we reject has to be created by force. After all, we do not reject it without reason. So when we say, "I don't want to suffer anymore" Then we have a clear picture of our suffering in our minds.

Ergo, this must be reinforced through our divine creative power. So when I reject a state, that is, when I express, 'I don't think you're right!', I deny it. "Thou shalt not be so!"

Since "not", can't be heard, the mirror hears: "I think you're right, you should be exactly the same." So the level of suffering remains the same. But if we think as we did above: "I don't want to suffer anymore." If the mirror perceives 'I want to suffer more1', it increases the suffering.

Alle Wesen des Universums beherrschen die universelle Sprache

All beings of the universe have mastered the universal language.

Only what I accept can change

Everything we reject must therefore remain exactly as it is or become even stronger. The rejection is thus the conservator of the alleged problem. Only when we realize that there can be no problem or something wrong, we become free. Everything is one, everything is love. Everything that ever happens and ever will happen, happens only so that paradise can expand. Only when we affirm the actual state lovingly, because we have recognized and acknowledged that everything that can ever happen to us is divinely meaningful, because it expands love, does the state feel true and accepted. It is important to understand that only what I can accept as divinely meaningful in love can be transformed. What I reject, however, must come to me in the form of an even larger pressure body, so that I am even more highly motivated to learn the divine mirror laws.

Anderen fällt es meist schneller auf als uns selbst wenn wir versuchen jemand zu sein der wir nicht sind

Often out of fear or shame we try to be someone we are not.

Intuition Training

To refine our intuition, it is especially important to note down all situations in which we have already acted according to our intuition. Thank ec itself for this. For gratitude nourishes all that for which we are grateful. Ergo, through our gratitude we will expand the ability to hear our intuition. Try to integrate the routines that give you strength even more into your everyday life. The more energetic and healing routines you have, the more powerful and healthy you will become.

Jeder Mensch hat übersinnliche Fähigkeiten

Every person has psychic abilities, which he can refine and expand with a little training.

Creating the right conditions for bright knowledge

To hear the very quiet voice of intuition, it is first of all important that everything else becomes quieter. The more we are in stress and noise, the louder the thought voices become. They overlay our intuition and make it and almost impossible to perceive them. So it is no wonder that in our big cities there are hardly any people left who have a real connection to their inner voice. So for the most part they have to follow the screamer of fear in the form of the "confuser".

In nature, on the other hand, the situation is quite different. Every animal and every plant always acts according to its intuition and is permanently connected to its inner voice. It is no coincidence that the "baseline", or peace line of the forest is a gentle, harmonious silence, because in this state everyone can best listen and follow their intuition. This is also the reason why we ourselves come into contact with our intuition so much more strongly as soon as we go out into nature again.

Je naturverbundener wir aufwachsen desto leichter höhren wir unsere innere Stimme

The more nature-loving we grow up, the easier we hear our inner voice.

Setting a focus and calming the mind

As long as all the voices of thought are haunting our minds, we cannot perceive intuition and clairvoyance. Therefore, we must first of all strengthen and increase the sacred silence within us. This can be done, for example, through meditation and exercises in which you focus your mind on a certain point. One of the most effective exercises for this is the so-called sitting position. To do this, find a beautiful place in nature, no more than 20 minutes walk from your home. If possible, you should visit this place every day for an hour, just to sit quietly and observe.

Ein Sitzplatz in der Natur hilft beim Beruhigen des Geistes

A seat in nature helps to calm the mind.

Making strong connections

But knowing what our intuition is is only the first step. In order to really use it, we need strong and energetic connections to the outside. You can imagine it a bit like a railway network. Even a small village train station is connected to the world's entire rail network via its tracks. But it may only have one or two direct connections. Thus, a train passes only once a day, which then also offers very limited connection possibilities.

Eine direkte Verbindung mit den Wesen in meiner Umgebung aufbauen

To establish a direct link with the beings around me...

Starke Verbindungen zu den Geschöpfen des Universums helfen in allen Lebenslagen

... ...can help you in many situations in all situations in life.

A central main station, on the other hand, has connections to hundreds of junctions. In addition, it can also use the tram system and bus services to receive or send passengers, i.e. God information. So here an exchange takes place simultaneously on different levels in all conceivable directions. Our intuition and our clairvoyance function in a very similar way. When we have almost no connection to the beings of this and other worlds, we do get an inspiration every now and then, but it runs slowly and the voices of fear always prevail over clairvoyance.

Nur wenige Menschen können sich die tiefe Verbindung erhalten die sie als Kind hatten

Very few people can retain the deep connection they had as a child.

For this reason it is important to have good, versatile, clear and strong relationships in all directions. For most people, the relationships they maintain are limited to other people. So we network mainly with the stations in our immediate surroundings, creating a roundabout that works relatively well as a closed system, but has few connections to the outside world. So we make connections to people who, in turn, are only miserably connected to intuition or omniscience.

So ask yourselves: Does it really make sense to connect us only to information centers controlled by the "confuser"?

Shouldn't our cords be drawn predominantly to those beings who use their intuition, or rather omniscience, perfectly? In the end we learn by reflection. Shouldn't we then consider the nature beings as models for mirroring who have always lived in God-consciousness? Exactly for this reason it is often difficult for us to awaken, to develop further and to heal, because we keep sending around the same views, information and beliefs of non-awakened people, without really being able to take new viewpoints and inspirations of holy love. To leave this cycle we need strong connections to the awakened.

Mit der Zeit bekommen wir so viele Informationen von außen übergestülpt dass wir kaum noch wissen wer wir selber sind

Over time we get so much information from the outside that we hardly know who we are anymore.

To build these connections, we need to be present and attentive. Our senses are the most direct connection to the rest of the universe. The clearer, more open and powerful they are, the stronger our connection to the outside world. With everything we perceive we build a relationship and the clearer our perception, the clearer our relationships are. So the first step on the path of opening up to the Bright Knowledge is to train your attention in the physical world. If you have already had some success here, you can go one step further to expand your relationships. To do this, you are now training your awareness of the spiritual, energetic world. In this way you will not only be able to get in contact with spiritual beings, but also to get a feeling for your own life energy and God attitudes.

What exactly is this spiritual world?

The spiritual world is the realm of reality in which for example angels, spirits, spirit helpers, guardians and many other beings are at home, which we often ascribe to the realm of myths or esotericism. But there is a huge difference between the fairground hocus-pocus about fortune-telling, crystal balls and future interpretation on the one hand and the real connection with the spiritual world on the other hand. This is not to say that there are not also clairvoyants and fortune tellers who are masters of their craft and can therefore make really helpful statements.

Also when working with tarot cards and angel cards, there are very often insights that actually offer orientation, because in card reading a certain connection with intuition is established. Unfortunately there is a lot of charlatanism and even more half-knowledge. So a certain caution is always necessary. It's best to let your intuition guide you and pay close attention to your perception. For example, how does nature react to what is happening? Does it react at all? Does it support and confirm or rather warn and reject?

Even though we have a physical body, we are above all spiritual, energetic beings. The physical and the spiritual world are not separate. They are two levels of the same world that are interdependent and interpenetrating. Only when we perceive both levels can we connect to the universal light knowledge and reconnect completely with our intuition.

Die geistige Welt hat viele Gestalten

The spiritual world has many forms.

Further documentation about intuition

You would like to delve even deeper into the subject and explore intuition from a scientific point of view? Then you can watch a video here that gets to the bottom of what intuition actually is from a scientific point of view:

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Exercise: Strengthening intuition

The following exercise will help you to consolidate your relationships with the outside world and strengthen your trust in your intuition.

Step 1: The preparation

If there are two of you, you can do the exercise in turns. One of you will take the role of the drummer and the other will do the exercise. If you don't have a partner, you can also record drum beats on a CD and play them on a portable CD player. The drummer or the CD player is initially hidden somewhere in the forest at a distance of about 200m from you. Now put on a blindfold and try to find this point blindly and only with the help of the drum beats. If you have succeeded, repeat the exercise with a larger distance. Place the target first 500m, then 1km and finally 2km away from you.

Solange der Schamane trommelt, folgt man dem Klang und der eigenen Intuition um ihn zu finden.

As long as the shaman drums, you follow the sound and your own intuition to find him.

Step 2: Activate the intuition

If you also succeed in this, repeat the exercise once more with the least distance. However, the task now is to find the same place without an acoustic signal. Trust your intuition, or the voice of God within you. Let yourself be guided by your divine self. If you succeed, you can increase the distance again, until you cover another distance of 2km. If you also manage this without any problems, you will be the crowning glory. You now look for a target, which you have not found before by drum signals. It is now purely your intuition that guides you. Connect with your focus point for the Hellknowledge and then simply let yourself be guided. This requires a high degree of trust and a deep certainty that you will be guided. If you are successful, it is easy to transfer this certainty into your daily life.

Der Verzicht auf die Sehfähigkeit schult die Intuition

The renunciation of the ability to see trains the intuition.

Going even deeper into the subject of clairvoyance

You want to learn more about your psychic senses, your spiritual abilities and your own healing power? Then you can set out on an exciting and intensive path of development with the help of our book "The natural healing power of trees". In this book we describe how children in primitive tribes are trained to become shamans and healers. So you will get an intensive guide with many stories, exercises and examples.

Nature itself becomes your most important teacher. Already after a short time of practice you will be able to dive into a completely new world. A world of whose existence you had only a faint inkling.

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Alles was existiert entsteht aus unserer Vorstellung heraus

Everything that exists arises from our imagination.

More books about intuition and clairvoyance

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Mit unserer Intuition können wir auf das gesamte Wissen des Universums zugreifen

With our intuition we can access the entire knowledge of the universe.

Heiko Gärtner
Heiko Gärtner ist Wildnismentor, Extremjournalist, Survivalexperte, Weltreisender und einer der führenden Experten auf dem Gebiet der Antlitz- und Körperdiagnostik. Nachdem er einige Jahre als Agenturleiter und Verkaufstrainer bei einer großen Versicherungsagentur gearbeitet hat, gab er diesen Job auf, um seiner wahren Berufung zu folgen. Er wurde Nationalparkranger, Berg- und Höhlenretter, arbeitete in einer Greifenwarte und gründete schließlich seine eigene Survival- und Wildnisschule. Seit 2014 wandert er zu Fuß um die Welt und verfasste dabei mehrere Bücher.

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